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Waiting on a Va’s Appraisal results is worst then waiting on the results of a pregnancy test. Either way it could be positive or negative.  We buy houses that sell mostly to first time home buyers and living in an area such as Washington dc, Maryland & Virginia we are surrounded with the major branches of the arm forces. So there are lots of military families who can qualify for this Va Loans

Some of these families are looking to take advance of one the best things the military gives a vet that I think is useful is a VA LOAN.

Once the property is under contract and you have your home inspection, then the Veterans Association must come do an appraisal.  You hear that these Va Appraisers are the worst and they are very hard.

Well here is my experience I’m cash buyer and i sell houses but at the same time I’m a licensed real estate agent.  So the Appraiser calls me up as the agent he dais 202-641-6882 He left a message starting he wants to come pass the property and asked is it on a lock box on it.

Now I try to always be at my appraisals to show the inspector what we did to the property and hand them a sellers package.  The sellers package consist of pictures before upgrades are made and some recent compatibles alone with a detail list of the current upgrades. The inspector came to the property and he spent about 10 minutes at the house.  He stated that he normally gets about $500 an inspection in the Maryland Dc area.

So I’m wondering if he is going into the properties doing a very good job at evaluating the neighborhoods, the updates and past sales. It makes me wonder ?

Having a VA BUYER or Buyer that has a Va loan, they will take you through a lot and I assume they should because they are looking out for the interest of their client the buyer.

The good thing about this loan was that we were able to sell the house fast and the veterans administration expedited every aspect of the deal.  So dealing with Va Buyers are much better than FHA and conventional in my opinion.

SO YOU FIRST TIME HOME BUYERS – Who are eligible for your Va loans I advice you to exercise that option.  Its a great way to get into a single family home for little money down.

If you are a seller or cash buyer who is selling to a VA BUYER then expect the

Appraisal to be a strange process and remember that every situation is different.




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