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sell your house fast

If selling your house in Maryland Dc or Virginia is an option then note that We are the House Buying Network and we  turn old houses into new houses.  We are one of the largest house buying companies in the Dmv.

When you need to close fast or have a solid cash offer presented for your property don’t hesitate to call us at — 301-660-3289.  We like to buy houses in their worse conditions or homes that need lots of work.  Let us make your problems our problems so before you call any other company call the right company first.  301-660-3289

Craiglist Night mare Selling my home










Well I’m a investor in maryland dc, va. Every now and then I search through the ads over at craigslist to see if there are any houses that we can buy. Craigslist is a free site and most of you already know about this but most of the ads in the for sale by owner site are fake and put up by other investors.

Most of the ads are placed by investors in MD, DC, VA. Posing as homeowners trying to get cash buyers like myself. Since I really do by houses in the maryland area sometimes this is frustrating to me because I’m always looking for homeowners I can help.

Last week I founded an ad for a – for sale by owner house in maryland. The home owners wanted 125k for the home but it needed repairs and the market value of the homes in that area was only 180k upgrade and repaired. Obviously 125k was to high so I asked how did you get your price, and they stated “We just thought this was a good price.” I made an appointment to go see the house and with a few questions I found out the the home owner had passed away and the family was selling the home.

So this property was a Maryland probate property which is a property in an Estate. Now we buy houses in probate all the time in maryland, and this one was a challenging one because it had 7 heirs to it. Heirs are family members who will benefit from the estate sale. I made an offer on the home that I was comfortable with and would allow me to fix the house up and resale it and make a little profit, because after all I don’t’ do this for fun.

Well after talking with the md home owner she stated that offer was to low because 7 family members had to share the money and they would not go for that offer. Immediately I offered 10k more, and the estate rep said she would take this offer back to the others and see what they will say.

After waiting a few days for her to get back to me I made a follow up call, the family member said they needed a few more days to decide and she would get back to me. I kept calling but was being giving the run around so I knew this was not good. I called her again and stated that I would send her sales comps of properties that other cash buyers brought in that part of MD. within the last 2 years and what I was offering was more than what these cash buyers had paid. My quote “ The numbers don’t lie – I can’t afford to pay more than the house is worth”

After receiving the paper work she came back and said there are six family members who are okay with the sales price and one who doesn’t agree. Well this went on for about another week and I felt like I was on trail with a 7 jury panel waiting to be convicted.

She came back a week later and said the family would except my offer, the bottom line is that I came up with an offer that was a win for their family but at the same time a win for me because we both needed to be happy. Now I buy houses for cash and I offered them a quick close 15 day settlement, we went to closing I met the family and everybody was happy.

I place we buy houses in Maryland ads on Craigslist and I normally get responses but this was the first time I ever called an ad and brought a house.

So if you are ever looking to sell your house on Craigslist filter through all the fake ads and call me at 301-660-3Buy don’t give up because there are real cash buyers on Craigslist like myself.

Attention Home Owners who Say –


Don’t give it away sell it to us ……….. 301-660-3-BUY WE BUY HOUSES.

Words you can be sure to hear from a home owner who wants to sell their property to an investor. “I want to sell it; but I don’t want to give it away!”.

Well I can assure you; if your property is priced right to what simular properties in your area are selling for then, you will not be giving you property away – who sets the sales price of a home ? YOU DO.

Selling your home is not as hard as winning the lottory $$$$ . We buy houses in Virginia and maryland and deal with all types of home owners who are ready to sell.

Owners who are in forclosure, facing eviction, lost a family member and now they are in probate. In real estate the market and the numbers don’t’ lie when we buy houses or are looking to make a cash offer on your home, we have a magic formula we use to help us make that offer. We do not reach in a black bag and say WALA – I WILL MAKE YOU A CASH OFFER for DRUMMMM ROLL X’s amount of dollars and hope you sell it.

Houses and areas we buy in change everday and so do the prices. If you let us buy your home at one price today, but then change your mind thinking I will wait until the market gets better. Wake up !!!! The market might get worst and your house value could go down in a matter of weeks. Home prices are not much different from gasoline prices. Today a buyer may be willing to pay your out of the blue price for the home. Tomorrow; a neighboring property comes on the market for 5k less; and now the buyer is willing to pay a lower price.


If you want a cash offer for your home and its priced right then it will not stay on the market for long its supple and demand. If it hasn’t sold then ; ask yourself. Have you had an many offers come in? Multiple offers? If the answer is no; then – YOU ARE PROBALLY TRYING TO SELL IT FOR MORE THAN ITS WORTH.

If you are a home owner and an Investor gives you an offer – Don’t say – “I DON’T WANT TO GIVE MY PROPERTY AWAY”

Ask is that the best you can do ? If you live in Maryland or Virgina and Need a cash offer from a cash buyer.

Give Us A Call 301-660-3-BUY WE BUY HOUSES http//housebuyingnetwork.info

We Buy Houses in Md

we buy houses signs,  is it a scam ? signs like sell my house fast is that a scam ? we buy houses for cash is that a scam ? sell your house fast are any of these things scams ?  Well your answer is we are real estate investors and during this time have access to money and have a home buyer network which allows us access to lots of cash to purchase your property.

The home buyers network buys homes in maryland, dc and Virginia, we are looking for home owners or sellers who want to sell their property because they want to get out of their current situation.

we do buy houses and can offer you an legitimate offer on your property, many property investors or buyers can buy your house fast.  So if you know a  home owner or have any seller leads we will pay your up to $500 for your lead that lead to us buying the house.

So if you want to sell your home fast the House Buying Network should be your 1st option, we buy property in maryland and currently buying property in Virginia.

If you ever thought I want to “sell my home” or thought to yourself  should I “sell my house”, we will show you how to sell a house by yourself without any realtors and commissions. Check out our site for home selling tips, and see why you don’t need to choose real estate agent.

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