In today’s real estate market What are the options for anyone looking to sell your House fast? 202-641-6882

1) Traditional Estate Agent route – Expensive and VERY slow way

2) Online Estate Agent – less expensive but still slow with places like

3) Property auction – You can sell your through an auction fast but price not guaranteed to reach reserve price and if it doesn’t sell you still have to pay the auction house their fees

4) Sell to a buyer who specializes in purchasing property for cash – If you take this option most cash buyers want the price below market such as myself because we have to make a profit off it it once we fix it up but this is a fast option.

5) FOR SALE BY OWNER – which means to sell your house yourself by listed it on the for sale by owner websites. Not this option could be slow because these sites don’t get the exposure that a real estate agent will get with the MLS.

So, how do you go about selling your house privately?

The best way to do this is contact a company who buys homes for cash and since you are reading this why not contact us 202-641-6882 because we are cash buyers in your state. This might sound like a scary alternative but with the Internet it really A good idea or option and is gathering popularity amongst house-sellers fed up of being charged real estate agent fees for selling their homes.

These are the steps to making a private home for sale:

PRICING – The best way to know how much your home is worth is to contact a real estate agent and request a CMA – which stands for Comparative Market Analysis or get an appraisal done. Contacting the agent would probably be cheaper and we can handle that for you no matter which way you decide.

ADVERTISING – Online advertising fees are much more reasonable than those of commission agentsbut will you get the exposure that you want ?

All you need is a nice digital camera and a reasonable eye for a good photo or hire someone to take really good pictures. You need to take as many pictures as you can or the maximum amount  that the website you are posting to will allow you to post. Make sure you get the key points of the house the bathrooms and kitchen these are your selling points.

If you really don’t feel up to trying this alternative why not consider a QUICK AS SALE FROM US THE we buy houses for cash. We will close fast if  you decide you want to sell to a real estate investor.  Sell your home to us and we will provide the peace of mind of a guaranteed sale and not back out at the last minute like other buyers may do.

If we can’t agree on a price then we can list the property for you to get the price ou want because we are real estate agents also.

We are Cash Buyers 202-641-6882 …………
Do You Want to Sell Your House Fast ?

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We are Cash buyers in maryland Call us at sell your md house to us if you need a quick close . We pay Cash for md dc & va houses so let your old Maryland home become our home. We are maryland investors, We Buy House in Hyattsville, college park, bowie, ft Washington, Montgomery county, Washington dc and many other prince George’s county areas. We will pay you all cash for your property located in maryland – we are the we buy house guys and it is true we pay CASH for homes and can CLOSE QUICKLY.   We Buy AS-IS and in any condition.

See what our clients are saying some sold us their Ugly Houses that needed repairs, some sold us their house because they wanted to relocate. As is, no repairs we buy it all if its in our current house buying area. Call 202-641-6882  .



How Does It Work

Step 1:– Submit information about your home for analysis. Step 2:- If interested, an investor will contact you to discuss an offer on our House. Step 3:- You accept or reject the home offer. Step 4:– You have the cash in hand you need, and your home sold.

We have been cash property buyers in maryland for 7 years and buy houses fast, our past clients know that we are home cash buyers and send us many of their friends as referrals. We buy homes in Maryland dc and Virginia and welcome any home seller owner who wants to sell their home fast in maryland

If you ever thought I need someone to “buy my house” remember we buy houses md and are true homes buyers who will give you a chance to sell your property fast. If you need any selling home advice, because you want to sell your home fast, we try to educate our home owners as much as possible.

Tips for selling your home fast if you can’t refinance, find a md cash home buyer and yes we are one.

We Buy Houses in Md

we buy houses signs,  is it a scam ? signs like sell my house fast is that a scam ? we buy houses for cash is that a scam ? sell your house fast are any of these things scams ?  Well your answer is we are real estate investors and during this time have access to money and have a home buyer network which allows us access to lots of cash to purchase your property.

The home buyers network buys homes in maryland, dc and Virginia, we are looking for home owners or sellers who want to sell their property because they want to get out of their current situation.

we do buy houses and can offer you an legitimate offer on your property, many property investors or buyers can buy your house fast.  So if you know a  home owner or have any seller leads we will pay your up to $500 for your lead that lead to us buying the house.

So if you want to sell your home fast the House Buying Network should be your 1st option, we buy property in maryland and currently buying property in Virginia.

If you ever thought I want to “sell my home” or thought to yourself  should I “sell my house”, we will show you how to sell a house by yourself without any realtors and commissions. Check out our site for home selling tips, and see why you don’t need to choose real estate agent.

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