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How to compete with a cash buyer in today’s home search.  I buy houses for cash and if you are a home buyer I know it could be frustrating competing against cash buyers like myself.

Well let me tell you a little secret its really no competition if you are going after the right type of properties you should get your offer accepted within 1 out of 5 offers submitted.

Real estate investors or cash buyers as some call us, we target certain types of properties, I buy houses that are at a discount or below market value in order for me to make a profit,  It doesn’t matter if its to buy and resell or to buy and hold the property as a rental.    Cash Buyers Don’t bid on homes unless there is equity in the house, which means the home is below fair market value.  In situations like this, is where you will have competition from a cash buyer.

If you are looking for these types of properties then bid on HUD homes which can be found on the HUD STORE.   at Http:// or Fannie Mae properties. These types of homes have what we call an owner occupied period.  During this time only buyers who will occupy the home can bid.

Now when you do find a home that you want to make an offer on.  You need to have a savvy Real Estate Agent one who will go above and beyond to try and get you that dream home you want because most times you only get one shot at putting in a good offer.

Second you must be ready to purchase that home, what I mean by that is make sure that you have your per-approved mortgage letter ready to submit with your offer.  Make sure you have cash reserved for closing cost and down payment.

If you are looking for homes that are on the market and are Fair Market Value then cash buyers do not want them types of homes.  The rest is up to you by making sure your offer is strong and you can close within 30-45days.

Also make sure your agent include a financial statement or fact sheet.  This is a document which tells the seller how strong you are with your financial situation.  Letting the seller know this information will greatly increase the chances of your offer being excepted.

Example: We buy and sell houses and I’m Maryland real estate agent.  So we put a home on the market in bowie Maryland and received a few offers within the first 7 days.  It was a multiple offer listing and we ask all the buyers to come back with there best and final offer.

One buyer’s initial offer was $1000 over asking price but his pre-approval letter was $6,000 short of the listing price.  These buyers a husband and wife team also had no final sheet and they where asking for $12,000 in sellers help.   To me that’s not a strong offer as a seller who wants to sell my house.  I want to pick the best buyer someone who i know can close.  The worst thing I want is to tie up my property for 45 days and not have the buyer able to qualify for his/her mortgage and the deal doesn’t go through.   Its not always the highest offer that gets the house, most times its the strongest offer.  Also include some background on yourself as a buyer where you from etc if you are dealing with personal owners as 0pposed to a bank.

Personal owners have emotions and feelings banks don’t care they just want the best buyers for the most money.

We buy houses in Maryland and our competition are other cash buyers who are bidding on the same properties on the mls.  We rarely buy houses off the mls because of this competition reason.  Most home owners call us directly at 202-641-6882 or just come to our website at


Rain Shine Sleet or Snow won’t stop my grind. The government shut down today because of the snow in maryland but my crew been on the grind since 8am. We have dead lines to meet and my motto is if you don’t work then your don’t eat.

We buy Houses as in Maryland this house is being renovated and sold if you are looking to buy in the bowie area please contact us.

Do you need to sell your house fast for cash in Maryland call the housebuyingnetowork were we will offer you cash for your home as in and in any condition.

we are Maryland cash buyers and real estate investors who home base in homes in Maryland dc and Virginia.


If you need to do a shortsale we can help with that !!!

if you need fast cash with a quick closing – We can help with that !!!

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Hello name is Ocie Gibson and I run the House Buying Network in Maryland.  We are cash buyers and buy houses in the Md Dc. Va. Area. 301-660-3buy


I’m a father of two and real estate investing is my full time occupation and I’m also a licensed realtor in Maryland.  My real passion is Basketball, I coached High School, Auu and now I currently do basketball training. I train over 150 kids a week on skills development and do person one on one basketball training.

Real Estate investing is like basketball and let me break it down to you.  In order to be a good investor or cash buyer as I’m, you have to know your market.  In basketball you have to know your strengths and your weaknesses.

When a motivated seller calls me at 202-641-6882 its like playing against another team for the very first time.  I size up my client which probably contacted us because they said to themselves I want to”sell my house fast for cash“, by listening to them and their needs, Once I get the scouting report on them, meaning all the information on their home or house.  ie… What type of Maryland home it is, how much they want to sell the property for, what repairs are needed and then their situation.

The situation is their reason why they want to sell their Maryland property.  After I get all this information then I go practice in basketball terms.   I have to take the scouting report (home owners information) and see how I can make this situation a win win transaction.

See unlike basketball where there is always a winner and a loser.  In real estate by me being a cash buyer there are no losers.  The home owner wins and

the cash buyer also wins by helping them with their situation and in return I picking up a new property in Maryland to fix up.

Now when I call the homeowner back its like practicing your jump shot. When shooting you have to make sure your elbow is straight, you lock in on your target and you follow through and your results will be nothing but nets.

In order to be successful in this real estate business you have to practice and follow through when you run your numbers, meaning you have to see what the house is worth to you, you need to call that home owner back in a timely manner because you are not the only cash buyers that they are calling.

90% of the deals that get done is when you follow through. Make sure your number are straight just like your elbow when shooting, follow through and you will lock up them deals.  If you do this your end result with be nothing but net Income.



“We Buy Houses In Maryland”

There are many reasons why a motivated seller may turn to an we buy homes investor such the house buying network to buy their house. In the current economy job losses, foreclosures, and other financial woes are putting immense pressure on Maryland, Dc & Virginia homeowners to sell and sell fast. Selling to a real estate investor in Md could reduce your stress and ease the process of selling your house.

#1 – The first and most obvious thing we can offer you is speed. We typically know what you are looking for and can give you an offer on the spot. You’ll not be slowed down like you would with a non investor and their inability to get a loan or qualify for a mortgage. We have cash, and are able to close in as little as two weeks.

#2– A real estate investors like us who buys houses gives you convenience. We are offering you a service, and as a result are willing to work around your schedule. You won’t need stay on call, prepared to leave your house at a moments notice for a realtor. We have flexible schedules this is our full time job, we be able to work around your schedule.

#3– Perhaps the most financially rewarding benefit of selling to a real estate investor who buy 1-3 homes a month like us is the ability to sell as is. This is the primary motivator for many home owners who decide to take this route. Putting a house on the market is expensive. It may take thousands of dollars in repairs to finally get to the point where your home can compete with newer or updated homes and rentals in the area. Making lots of repairs doesn’t even guarantee you a quick sell. We deal with the imperfections, and actually expect to have to make repairs. Retail buyers feel the need to imagine themselves in the house before they buy it- a task they have trouble doing if the carpet’s dirty or there are foundational problems.

#4 – Lastly we as investors, our offers are usually flexible.  We are usually adaptable and will structure a deal in whatever way works for you but at the same time works for us also. If you don’t want to close for a few months chances are we still my be interested in your home but the offer may change because of the market.  Common things we do as real estate investors is to buy a house, and then rent it back to the owners until they can find another home to move into, every homeowner situation is different.

Although you may not get as much money if you sold your house to an investor like us, as you would if you listed it with a realtor , there are many reasons to choose this option.

Again Fast Cash – Quick Close – Confidence that we will be at closing unlike others who might not qualify for financing.

If you are trying to sell your house in Maryland, DC, Virginia or elsewhere because we do buy houses in other states. Fill out the form below and someone will contact you as soon as possible.