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Rain Shine Sleet or Snow won’t stop my grind. The government shut down today because of the snow in maryland but my crew been on the grind since 8am. We have dead lines to meet and my motto is if you don’t work then your don’t eat.

We buy Houses as in Maryland this house is being renovated and sold if you are looking to buy in the bowie area please contact us.

Do you need to sell your house fast for cash in Maryland call the housebuyingnetowork were we will offer you cash for your home as in and in any condition.

we are Maryland cash buyers and real estate investors who home base in homes in Maryland dc and Virginia.


If you need to do a shortsale we can help with that !!!

if you need fast cash with a quick closing – We can help with that !!!

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Ocie Gibson, founder of the House Buying Network, started as a small, real estate based company base in Maryland to help homeowners who needed to sell their homes do so by offering to purchase their homes for cash.

The web site www.housebuyingnetwork.info is an increasingly popular web site, garnering a reputation as the go-to web site for true cash real estate buyers in Maryland Dc & Virginia for any home owner who wants to sell their home to a cash buyer or who need an all cash transaction.

On Friday October 18th, 20013 the company purchased a large amount of Cable TV Advertising from Comcast and launched a Massive TV Ad Campaign. The company decided to advertise on a larger scale to reach the homes of the homeowners that really needed help. Even though the company refuses to say what channels they are advertising on but mention they are marketing to the 25-54 age group.The House Buying Network wants to reach the largest amount of qualified Maryland home sellers in the quickest and most efficient way possible, while “clearly communicating a strong message. “ If you want to sell you home now – That They will pay cash for your Maryland home.”

Ocie Gibson is known as an expert in online web marketing and has always used his background to boost his real estate business through his aggressive marketing. Over the past 6 years he has brought homes and rehabbed them to sell to first time home owners. His success had largely been contributed to his ability to market much more creatively than competition. His market is motivated sellers and now has taken his marketing to TV Ads where the only other competition is express home buyers.

For more information about The House Buying Network please visit Housebuyingnetwork.info or see a sneak peak of the Maryland cash buyer’s ad check it out on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=woDhzroMuX4

or check out the press release here. or the we buy houses in maryland press release here

We buy houses in Maryland but ….

Dear Homeowner: Sell Your House for what it is worth 

We buy ugly homes

Many home owners would like to sell their home but don’t know what the house is worth or what they should sell it for. The county tax assessment is not what your current house is worth. A lot goes into the value of your house and we buy houses based off of that. Homeowners who have no clue what they should sale their home for always base the value off of Tax Assessments.

When selling your home to an all cash buyer in Maryland or any other state besides md. you need to find out If your house needs repairs. If it is a home that cannot pass a FHA inspection then that eliminates 80% of your conventional buyers . You need an all cash home buyer because the true value of the house is – WHAT IS IT WORTH in the as-is condition, if the “homeowner” will not make any repairs.

Tax Assessment records are the average sales values of all the houses in your neighborhood, and the county municipal taxes you based off this value.

True house values are based on comparable sales of similar houses in size, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, total square footage, style of house and the year it was built. So basically you have to compare apples to apples in order to see what your house is truly worth.

What you are being taxed at only tells you an estimate of the neighborhoods value. Once you compare your home to similar homes that sold within the last 6 months, you want to also compare if the sold home was totally renovated or sold in a as-in condition.

Example if a home similar to your home was sold for 150k and was newly renovated which means everything was newly updated, then your home would be worth 150k in a updated condition. If you are selling a house that needs repairs you have to take the total value minus the repairs need to update that house to the similar one that sold.

We buy houses in Maryland and other states based of (ARV) After Repair Values. Meaning what it will take us to repair and fix up your as in condition home. So remember when trying to sell a house compare apples to apples.