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Recently we helped save the homeowner in the 1200 block of Evarts st in Washington Dc from facing Foreclosure. If you know anything about DC (The District of Columbia) real estate then you can Imagine what this home owner went though.  Her situation was, She had always thought that she had a reverse mortgage and had completely stop paying her mortgage for about 6 year Can you image that ? 6 years of behind mortgage payments but the homeowner had kept up with her taxes and insurance.  This was not her 1st time facing foreclosure, one time she was just asked to pay a $$ dollar amount and the foreclosure was stopped.  When we were called to help out,  the owner had thought she only owed about 200k come to find out that they really owned the bank 500k.  We are talking about owners who had this home for over 30 years and at onetime the home was free and clear.  The mortgage was brought and sold many of times from different mortgage servicer’s leaving the home owner to question the amount that she actually owed on her home.  Because the home was sitting in one of the hottest area in Dc “Brookland” she still had some equity left because houses that where being renovated was being sold up to 800k.  Time was running out on the homeowner and because she owe to much money on the home we could not buy this property for cash so she wasn’t able to sell it to an investor because the numbers just wouldn’t work for an investor .  We actually had to help the homeowner file for bankruptcy to save her home.  She listed the home and got a contract on it from a traditional buyer and was able to sell the property as is with no repairs.

Along story short the homeowners husband had taken out an equity loan to pay off the his first wife because the home use to be the couples first home. That’s where all the extra debt came from, we were able to get the bankruptcy case withdrawn and the homeowner sold the home and instead of letting the bank take back the home they were able to walk away with money in their pocket.

Everyone situation is different but if you ever need help with a Pre-foreclosure  please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We were not able to buy this home but we are in business to help others out and that’s the bottom line. Weather it be helping new home owners purchase a home that we have just renovated or home owners who are facing divorce, foreclosure, probate issues.  CALL THE HOUSE BUYING NETWORK IF YOU NEED TO SELL YOUR HOME FAST, or need a cash buyer in dc md or va 202-641-6882

Check out the video to see

Cash Buyers in Landover Md 202-641-6882

Landover home paid for by cash by fellow cash buyer Derek Tyler in Maryland rehabbed fixed up and flipped this property. Maryland homes are in demand by cash buyers like myself even regular buyers after the properties are fixed up.

This was a 5 bedroom home that need a lots of work.  An extra bathroom was added in the basement. it took 6 months to fix and flip and it had many problem areas. Real estate investors like myself love the landover md area, the cheverly maryland even hyattsville maryland houses that are for sale by owner.

If you are looking to sell your house because you are behind on your payments then we can help you.                          call 202-641-6882 The house buying network or visit We buy houses in Baltimore and dc also and many parts of northern va. The houses in Virginia we pay a little more for because of the demand so fill out our online form and contact us. 202-641-6882

Avoid foreclosure md call – 202-641-6882

Here are the Top 3 ways that you can stop the foreclosure on your Maryland (md) home. In reality, these are likely the ONLY ways that you can stop a MD foreclosure.

If you’re in foreclosure, you’re probably being bombarded with letters from attorneys, real estate agents know the facts before you make any life-changing decisions.

1. Pay The Bank What’s Owed!

Stop Foreclosure in MarylandPay The Bank! Sounds easy enough doesn’t it? Although obvious, this is the number 1 way that you can avoid losing your Maryland home.

Banks and mortgage companies don’t want your home. As much as it’s a pain for you, it’s quite the hassle for the bank as well.

It can cost a bank as much as $60,000 or more just to foreclose on you. That number rises if they actually repossess your property.

If you’re in a position to pay the bank what’s owed AND you really want to keep your house, then this is an option that you’ll want to take. Don’t wait and don’t avoid making the call.

You’d be surprised to see how accommodating the bank will be if you just communicate with them before the process of taking your md home goes too far. Contact them while your credit isn’t too damaged and trust me you don’t want it to get damage.

Whenever we speak with homeowners like yourself, this is the first action that we recommend. Notice the word ACTION. Remember, doing nothing is indeed making a choice…a very bad choice.

Ignoring the bank’s letters and calls only makes things accelerate. Before you know it the knock on the door will come telling you that you have as little as 24 hours to get out of your house because your home is going to the MD courts for a trustee auction.

If you can come up with the money AND if you want to keep the house, then make arrangements to pay off what you owe.



2. Do A Short Sale!

 So you’re probably wondering what a short sale is. Before you run over and Google it and get a lot of technical terms, here’s a real easy explanation.

First and foremost, please understand, you are SELLING your home. It is an actual sale of your home.

A  maryland short sale is a strategy that allows you to sell your home for less than you owe on it. In a short sale, if the bank approves, they will agree to discount what you owe them so that the sale can actually be completed.

houseunderwaterLet’s say you’re totally upside down. What I mean by  that is maybe you owe $250,000 on a property that is only worth $120,000 in todays market.

Unless you have oil running under your house, there’s no way anyone is going to pay 300K for a house only worth half that much.

So when you approach the bank (remember that need for communication I mentioned above?), you ask them if they would be willing to entertain a short sale offer to avoid going all the way through the foreclosure process.

If they agree, then you’ll need to get a lawyer and/or a real estate agent to guide you through the process.

Short sales have some advantages and disadvantages. On the positive side, if it is successfully completed, a short sale will help you avoid a foreclosure on your credit report. While some creditors will still look unfavorably upon you…it won’t be nearly as bad as having a full blown house repossession on your record.

On the negative side, you’re going to basically have to prove to the bank that you’re worthy of them discounting what you owe. You’re basically going to have to de-qualify for the mortgage!

You’re going to have to show the bank what happened in the period from when you qualified for the loan to where you are now. They are going to want a lot of documentation from you. Most of the documentation is the same as when you originally applied for the loan.

In essence you’re going to have go through the entire mortgage process all over again, this time in reverse. If you truly can prove that you have an economic hardship, then you have a good chance of having your short sale approved.

But you’d better move fast. Banks are finding out that in today’s real estate market, short sales might not be to their advantage. We’re approaching a point in the market where banks are deciding that a foreclosure is better than a short sale.

By the way…if you choose to go the short sale route, our team can definitely help you. Not only will we handle the entire process for you, you won’t have to have a sign in your yard and we guarantee that we’ll have a buyer, with cash, in under 7 days. That’s the benefit of working with the

 3. Sell Your House For Cash!

 Sometimes the fight isn’t worth it. Maybe you’ve had enough stress and headache and you’d just like to be done with the drama. In that instance, you may want to look at selling the house. But, if you’re in the late stages of foreclosure, time may not be on your side.

In addition, if you haven’t been able to pay your mortgage, are there other things that you haven’t been able to keep up with? Whatever situation you may be in, as I mentioned above, doing nothing is still a choice. And it’s not the right one for you or your family.


Selling the house and moving on without a cinder block wrapped around your neck might be your best option. However, because of your situation, you may not have time to go the traditional route. Calling a real estate agent and listing the house could cost you time that you don’t have.

When it’s all said and done, if the real estate agent doesn’t find a buyer, you lose the house. They’re on to the next client. Wouldn’t it make more sense for you to be contacting a buyer, with cash, that could potentially help solve your problems IMMEDIATELY?

If you’re in a position where the steamroller of foreclosure is bearing down on you, feel free to give us a call. We look at properties across the country on a daily basis. Our only business is helping people who are in the exact same position as you.

If you’d like to sell your property and stop your foreclosure, give us a call. I will personally guarantee you that we will give you an offer within 24 hours. Then it’s up to you to decide what you want to do.

But please…do yourself a favor and look out for your family’s best interest by taking some real action. I’ve seen too many people throw their hands up and walkaway without exploring their options.

Even if you decide not to call us, please do something. You’ll always regret indecision.


OR CALL 202-641-6882

Va Buyers & Va appraisal Cash Buyer 202-641-6882

Va sppraisal

Waiting on a Va’s Appraisal results is worst then waiting on the results of a pregnancy test. Either way it could be positive or negative.  We buy houses that sell mostly to first time home buyers and living in an area such as Washington dc, Maryland & Virginia we are surrounded with the major branches of the arm forces. So there are lots of military families who can qualify for this Va Loans

Some of these families are looking to take advance of one the best things the military gives a vet that I think is useful is a VA LOAN.

Once the property is under contract and you have your home inspection, then the Veterans Association must come do an appraisal.  You hear that these Va Appraisers are the worst and they are very hard.

Well here is my experience I’m cash buyer and i sell houses but at the same time I’m a licensed real estate agent.  So the Appraiser calls me up as the agent he dais 202-641-6882 He left a message starting he wants to come pass the property and asked is it on a lock box on it.

Now I try to always be at my appraisals to show the inspector what we did to the property and hand them a sellers package.  The sellers package consist of pictures before upgrades are made and some recent compatibles alone with a detail list of the current upgrades. The inspector came to the property and he spent about 10 minutes at the house.  He stated that he normally gets about $500 an inspection in the Maryland Dc area.

So I’m wondering if he is going into the properties doing a very good job at evaluating the neighborhoods, the updates and past sales. It makes me wonder ?

Having a VA BUYER or Buyer that has a Va loan, they will take you through a lot and I assume they should because they are looking out for the interest of their client the buyer.

The good thing about this loan was that we were able to sell the house fast and the veterans administration expedited every aspect of the deal.  So dealing with Va Buyers are much better than FHA and conventional in my opinion.

SO YOU FIRST TIME HOME BUYERS – Who are eligible for your Va loans I advice you to exercise that option.  Its a great way to get into a single family home for little money down.

If you are a seller or cash buyer who is selling to a VA BUYER then expect the

Appraisal to be a strange process and remember that every situation is different.








Does this sound like your situation?

Are you selling or thinking of doing  a For Sale by Owner in maryland ?

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Do you need to sell your house fast because of reasons beyond your control if that is the situation then give us a call. We proud our self in helping home owners with a quick fast solution to selling their unwanted home.

Sell Your House To Us and Get On With Life!

we understand that sometimes starting a new life and having some money to do it with is a better solution than losing it in hard times.  One of the fears home-owners like yourself face when they find themselves forced to sell their home is the fear of being ripped off. We have been in business for 6 years and have lots of referrals and past clients who can contest to our business practice. sell my house fast in maryland click-here-button1

Rain Shine Sleet or Snow won’t stop my grind. The government shut down today because of the snow in maryland but my crew been on the grind since 8am. We have dead lines to meet and my motto is if you don’t work then your don’t eat.

We buy Houses as in Maryland this house is being renovated and sold if you are looking to buy in the bowie area please contact us.

Do you need to sell your house fast for cash in Maryland call the housebuyingnetowork were we will offer you cash for your home as in and in any condition.

we are Maryland cash buyers and real estate investors who home base in homes in Maryland dc and Virginia.


If you need to do a shortsale we can help with that !!!

if you need fast cash with a quick closing – We can help with that !!!

CALL 202-641-6882

Maryland Cash Buyers 202-641-6882 Tv Commericals

Ocie Gibson, founder of the House Buying Network, started as a small, real estate based company base in Maryland to help homeowners who needed to sell their homes do so by offering to purchase their homes for cash.

The web site is an increasingly popular web site, garnering a reputation as the go-to web site for true cash real estate buyers in Maryland Dc & Virginia for any home owner who wants to sell their home to a cash buyer or who need an all cash transaction.

On Friday October 18th, 20013 the company purchased a large amount of Cable TV Advertising from Comcast and launched a Massive TV Ad Campaign. The company decided to advertise on a larger scale to reach the homes of the homeowners that really needed help. Even though the company refuses to say what channels they are advertising on but mention they are marketing to the 25-54 age group.The House Buying Network wants to reach the largest amount of qualified Maryland home sellers in the quickest and most efficient way possible, while “clearly communicating a strong message. “ If you want to sell you home now – That They will pay cash for your Maryland home.”

Ocie Gibson is known as an expert in online web marketing and has always used his background to boost his real estate business through his aggressive marketing. Over the past 6 years he has brought homes and rehabbed them to sell to first time home owners. His success had largely been contributed to his ability to market much more creatively than competition. His market is motivated sellers and now has taken his marketing to TV Ads where the only other competition is express home buyers.

For more information about The House Buying Network please visit or see a sneak peak of the Maryland cash buyer’s ad check it out on YouTube at

or check out the press release here. or the we buy houses in maryland press release here

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