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How to compete with a cash buyer in today’s home search.  I buy houses for cash and if you are a home buyer I know it could be frustrating competing against cash buyers like myself.

Well let me tell you a little secret its really no competition if you are going after the right type of properties you should get your offer accepted within 1 out of 5 offers submitted.

Real estate investors or cash buyers as some call us, we target certain types of properties, I buy houses that are at a discount or below market value in order for me to make a profit,  It doesn’t matter if its to buy and resell or to buy and hold the property as a rental.    Cash Buyers Don’t bid on homes unless there is equity in the house, which means the home is below fair market value.  In situations like this, is where you will have competition from a cash buyer.

If you are looking for these types of properties then bid on HUD homes which can be found on the HUD STORE.   at Http:// or Fannie Mae properties. These types of homes have what we call an owner occupied period.  During this time only buyers who will occupy the home can bid.

Now when you do find a home that you want to make an offer on.  You need to have a savvy Real Estate Agent one who will go above and beyond to try and get you that dream home you want because most times you only get one shot at putting in a good offer.

Second you must be ready to purchase that home, what I mean by that is make sure that you have your per-approved mortgage letter ready to submit with your offer.  Make sure you have cash reserved for closing cost and down payment.

If you are looking for homes that are on the market and are Fair Market Value then cash buyers do not want them types of homes.  The rest is up to you by making sure your offer is strong and you can close within 30-45days.

Also make sure your agent include a financial statement or fact sheet.  This is a document which tells the seller how strong you are with your financial situation.  Letting the seller know this information will greatly increase the chances of your offer being excepted.

Example: We buy and sell houses and I’m Maryland real estate agent.  So we put a home on the market in bowie Maryland and received a few offers within the first 7 days.  It was a multiple offer listing and we ask all the buyers to come back with there best and final offer.

One buyer’s initial offer was $1000 over asking price but his pre-approval letter was $6,000 short of the listing price.  These buyers a husband and wife team also had no final sheet and they where asking for $12,000 in sellers help.   To me that’s not a strong offer as a seller who wants to sell my house.  I want to pick the best buyer someone who i know can close.  The worst thing I want is to tie up my property for 45 days and not have the buyer able to qualify for his/her mortgage and the deal doesn’t go through.   Its not always the highest offer that gets the house, most times its the strongest offer.  Also include some background on yourself as a buyer where you from etc if you are dealing with personal owners as 0pposed to a bank.

Personal owners have emotions and feelings banks don’t care they just want the best buyers for the most money.

We buy houses in Maryland and our competition are other cash buyers who are bidding on the same properties on the mls.  We rarely buy houses off the mls because of this competition reason.  Most home owners call us directly at 202-641-6882 or just come to our website at


Rain Shine Sleet or Snow won’t stop my grind. The government shut down today because of the snow in maryland but my crew been on the grind since 8am. We have dead lines to meet and my motto is if you don’t work then your don’t eat.

We buy Houses as in Maryland this house is being renovated and sold if you are looking to buy in the bowie area please contact us.

Do you need to sell your house fast for cash in Maryland call the housebuyingnetowork were we will offer you cash for your home as in and in any condition.

we are Maryland cash buyers and real estate investors who home base in homes in Maryland dc and Virginia.


If you need to do a shortsale we can help with that !!!

if you need fast cash with a quick closing – We can help with that !!!

CALL 202-641-6882

Maryland Cash Buyers 202-641-6882 Tv Commericals

Ocie Gibson, founder of the House Buying Network, started as a small, real estate based company base in Maryland to help homeowners who needed to sell their homes do so by offering to purchase their homes for cash.

The web site is an increasingly popular web site, garnering a reputation as the go-to web site for true cash real estate buyers in Maryland Dc & Virginia for any home owner who wants to sell their home to a cash buyer or who need an all cash transaction.

On Friday October 18th, 20013 the company purchased a large amount of Cable TV Advertising from Comcast and launched a Massive TV Ad Campaign. The company decided to advertise on a larger scale to reach the homes of the homeowners that really needed help. Even though the company refuses to say what channels they are advertising on but mention they are marketing to the 25-54 age group.The House Buying Network wants to reach the largest amount of qualified Maryland home sellers in the quickest and most efficient way possible, while “clearly communicating a strong message. “ If you want to sell you home now – That They will pay cash for your Maryland home.”

Ocie Gibson is known as an expert in online web marketing and has always used his background to boost his real estate business through his aggressive marketing. Over the past 6 years he has brought homes and rehabbed them to sell to first time home owners. His success had largely been contributed to his ability to market much more creatively than competition. His market is motivated sellers and now has taken his marketing to TV Ads where the only other competition is express home buyers.

For more information about The House Buying Network please visit or see a sneak peak of the Maryland cash buyer’s ad check it out on YouTube at

or check out the press release here. or the we buy houses in maryland press release here


Maryland Cash Buyer Wows Homeowner after he rehabbed her house 202-641-6882. We brought this md home from this home owner as is condition. Lady wanted to sell her home fast, so we made her a fair cash offer on the house. We closed quickly and she was able to move in with her kids because so they could better take care of her.

how to sell my house fast – SELL TO US 202-641-6882
sell my house fast scam – This is not a scam we have credibility ask our past clients.
i need to sell my house fast ? – fill out our form and we will call you.
buy my house now – if it meets our buying needs and area of interest
help me sell my house – I sure can I’m md realtor if I don’t buy it I will help you sell it
need to sell my house now – CALL NOW 202-641-6882
how can i sell my house fast – VISIT THE HOUSE BUYING NETWORK
buy my house – if you selling we might buy
we buy homes – YES WE DO all cash quick close in maryland dc and va
So if you are selling a house and need a real estate cash investor the look know further called the

WE BUY HOUSES IN MARYLAND as is, no repairs need


Hello name is Ocie Gibson and I run the House Buying Network in Maryland.  We are cash buyers and buy houses in the Md Dc. Va. Area. 301-660-3buy


I’m a father of two and real estate investing is my full time occupation and I’m also a licensed realtor in Maryland.  My real passion is Basketball, I coached High School, Auu and now I currently do basketball training. I train over 150 kids a week on skills development and do person one on one basketball training.

Real Estate investing is like basketball and let me break it down to you.  In order to be a good investor or cash buyer as I’m, you have to know your market.  In basketball you have to know your strengths and your weaknesses.

When a motivated seller calls me at 202-641-6882 its like playing against another team for the very first time.  I size up my client which probably contacted us because they said to themselves I want to”sell my house fast for cash“, by listening to them and their needs, Once I get the scouting report on them, meaning all the information on their home or house.  ie… What type of Maryland home it is, how much they want to sell the property for, what repairs are needed and then their situation.

The situation is their reason why they want to sell their Maryland property.  After I get all this information then I go practice in basketball terms.   I have to take the scouting report (home owners information) and see how I can make this situation a win win transaction.

See unlike basketball where there is always a winner and a loser.  In real estate by me being a cash buyer there are no losers.  The home owner wins and

the cash buyer also wins by helping them with their situation and in return I picking up a new property in Maryland to fix up.

Now when I call the homeowner back its like practicing your jump shot. When shooting you have to make sure your elbow is straight, you lock in on your target and you follow through and your results will be nothing but nets.

In order to be successful in this real estate business you have to practice and follow through when you run your numbers, meaning you have to see what the house is worth to you, you need to call that home owner back in a timely manner because you are not the only cash buyers that they are calling.

90% of the deals that get done is when you follow through. Make sure your number are straight just like your elbow when shooting, follow through and you will lock up them deals.  If you do this your end result with be nothing but net Income.



Okay I wanted to share with you a story about a greedy seller – its actually the 2nd part to the

Craigslist – We Buy Houses Ads – A Cragislist Success Story.

So we put this Maryland house under contract and decided that we were going to close in 20 days. We wired the money 95k into the title company because that was the contract price agreed upon.

Now went through rough negotiations with this seller and our final contract they agreed to pay for the closing cost.  It was an inherited property and about 7 brothers and sisters was to benefit from this transaction.  Normally when we buy houses in Maryland we pay all closing cost etc and fees but they wanted to pay closing cost in-order to get us to give a higher offer on the house.

We get to closing and the sellers didn’t like the net amount that they are suppose to receive after closing. It seems they told their brothers and sisters that they would get X amount of dollars each, seems they actually mis-calulated the closing cost wrong and thought it would be less.


Well they signed every document but the hud statement and they left closing.  So later that day I called to see what the problem was.  Now each family member was going to get about 13k according to them.  Their bottom line at closing was $90,194.00, also in the contract they stated that all taxes was paid which it wasn’t.  The taxes wasn’t a big deal because it just came out of their bottom line, but also it would have given them more money in the end.  The sellers thought they was going to get around 92k, but because when we buy houses we try to make a win win situation.


We agreed to give $700 more towards their net balance so they would be happier, so we wired the money into the title company. Next thing I know they calling me saying they want to do the deal over and want us to pay closing cost.  We don’t’ do deals over – we are at closing as we promised like in all of our deals, all the money is there plus and extra $700 we agreed to give them.  All that is left is to sign the hud statement and its a done deal.


Well they was willing to throw the deal away over less then $1000.  I understood that each member thought they was getting a certain amount, but they have to remember their home was sitting on the market for months without any interested cash buyers.  We said we would buy thier maryland home and we did.


THEY SIGNED THE PAPERS AND WE BROUGHT THE HOUSE – The bottom line is sellers don’t be greedy and mess up good deal over pennies.


HOUSEBUYING NETWORK creates win win situations and every closing is not going to be smoothie but we try to make everyone walk about from each deal happy.    301-660-3buy


Craiglist Night mare Selling my home










Well I’m a investor in maryland dc, va. Every now and then I search through the ads over at craigslist to see if there are any houses that we can buy. Craigslist is a free site and most of you already know about this but most of the ads in the for sale by owner site are fake and put up by other investors.

Most of the ads are placed by investors in MD, DC, VA. Posing as homeowners trying to get cash buyers like myself. Since I really do by houses in the maryland area sometimes this is frustrating to me because I’m always looking for homeowners I can help.

Last week I founded an ad for a – for sale by owner house in maryland. The home owners wanted 125k for the home but it needed repairs and the market value of the homes in that area was only 180k upgrade and repaired. Obviously 125k was to high so I asked how did you get your price, and they stated “We just thought this was a good price.” I made an appointment to go see the house and with a few questions I found out the the home owner had passed away and the family was selling the home.

So this property was a Maryland probate property which is a property in an Estate. Now we buy houses in probate all the time in maryland, and this one was a challenging one because it had 7 heirs to it. Heirs are family members who will benefit from the estate sale. I made an offer on the home that I was comfortable with and would allow me to fix the house up and resale it and make a little profit, because after all I don’t’ do this for fun.

Well after talking with the md home owner she stated that offer was to low because 7 family members had to share the money and they would not go for that offer. Immediately I offered 10k more, and the estate rep said she would take this offer back to the others and see what they will say.

After waiting a few days for her to get back to me I made a follow up call, the family member said they needed a few more days to decide and she would get back to me. I kept calling but was being giving the run around so I knew this was not good. I called her again and stated that I would send her sales comps of properties that other cash buyers brought in that part of MD. within the last 2 years and what I was offering was more than what these cash buyers had paid. My quote “ The numbers don’t lie – I can’t afford to pay more than the house is worth”

After receiving the paper work she came back and said there are six family members who are okay with the sales price and one who doesn’t agree. Well this went on for about another week and I felt like I was on trail with a 7 jury panel waiting to be convicted.

She came back a week later and said the family would except my offer, the bottom line is that I came up with an offer that was a win for their family but at the same time a win for me because we both needed to be happy. Now I buy houses for cash and I offered them a quick close 15 day settlement, we went to closing I met the family and everybody was happy.

I place we buy houses in Maryland ads on Craigslist and I normally get responses but this was the first time I ever called an ad and brought a house.

So if you are ever looking to sell your house on Craigslist filter through all the fake ads and call me at 301-660-3Buy don’t give up because there are real cash buyers on Craigslist like myself.

Attention Home Owners who Say –


Don’t give it away sell it to us ……….. 301-660-3-BUY WE BUY HOUSES.

Words you can be sure to hear from a home owner who wants to sell their property to an investor. “I want to sell it; but I don’t want to give it away!”.

Well I can assure you; if your property is priced right to what simular properties in your area are selling for then, you will not be giving you property away – who sets the sales price of a home ? YOU DO.

Selling your home is not as hard as winning the lottory $$$$ . We buy houses in Virginia and maryland and deal with all types of home owners who are ready to sell.

Owners who are in forclosure, facing eviction, lost a family member and now they are in probate. In real estate the market and the numbers don’t’ lie when we buy houses or are looking to make a cash offer on your home, we have a magic formula we use to help us make that offer. We do not reach in a black bag and say WALA – I WILL MAKE YOU A CASH OFFER for DRUMMMM ROLL X’s amount of dollars and hope you sell it.

Houses and areas we buy in change everday and so do the prices. If you let us buy your home at one price today, but then change your mind thinking I will wait until the market gets better. Wake up !!!! The market might get worst and your house value could go down in a matter of weeks. Home prices are not much different from gasoline prices. Today a buyer may be willing to pay your out of the blue price for the home. Tomorrow; a neighboring property comes on the market for 5k less; and now the buyer is willing to pay a lower price.


If you want a cash offer for your home and its priced right then it will not stay on the market for long its supple and demand. If it hasn’t sold then ; ask yourself. Have you had an many offers come in? Multiple offers? If the answer is no; then – YOU ARE PROBALLY TRYING TO SELL IT FOR MORE THAN ITS WORTH.

If you are a home owner and an Investor gives you an offer – Don’t say – “I DON’T WANT TO GIVE MY PROPERTY AWAY”

Ask is that the best you can do ? If you live in Maryland or Virgina and Need a cash offer from a cash buyer.

Give Us A Call 301-660-3-BUY WE BUY HOUSES http//

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