We brought this house from this home owner

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As cash buyers in Baltimore this lady had her home under contract with 3 other cash buyers in Baltimore and none of them companies could close.  We came in paid $38k for the home closed and immediately. The property once we demo discovered that the basement wall was bowed. It had a big crack in it.  Long story short we had to jack the house up tear out the basement wall and rebuild it here are a few pictures of that.

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we are true cash buyers in Baltimore, so when it comes to selling your house fast and closing fast then call the housebuyingnetwork.info or give us a call at 301-660-3289.  This house actually took as way longer than normal because of that basement foundation issue but here are a few pics of the finish project.  Now who would who will buy my house like this you ask we will buy your house so if you have real estate seller leads know that we pay cash for houses.  We buy ugly houses just like the one in this project and we rehab them into homes that first time home buyers would be proud of.



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